Create stories, newsletters, and blog posts at the speed of thought.

Write your ideas on notecards.
Connect them with bits of string.
Use AI to connect-the-dots and generate content.
It’s super easy!

What is scatternote?

ScatterNote is a note taking and idea management mobile app for connected thought. It allows you to write down your ideas and explain how they are connected. You can shuffle them around, fling them across the table, or just watch them gather in groups or run away from each other. It’s a very tactile and easy way to interact with your ideas.
Once you have your ideas on the table, it’s time to let an AI take a look at them. Connect the dots, and the AI will use your thoughts and the connections between them to generate insights and content. From there, you can share it to your favorite text editor for editing and publishing. It’s that easy to create content for your newsletter, blog, or novel!


Is it zettelkasten?

Zettelkasten is the original tool for connected thought made famous German sociologist Niklas Luhmann. It is a note-taking process that uses a “slip box” to preserve the connections between thoughts. There are many well developed and powerful zettelkasten tools out there. ScatterNote is different from traditional zettelkasten in that it allows you to not only connect your notes, but also describe how they are connected. ScatterNote is also focused on mobile-first, simplicity, and tactile interaction with your notes. There is no complicated markdown to learn, just drag&drop notes to connect them.

Is it a Mind map?

Mind-mapping is a type of diagram used to organize connected thought. Mind maps start from a single concept, and additional thoughts and ideas branch out from there. There are many great mind map tools out there. However mind-maps have the limitation in that they are strictly hierarchical: You can have a Star Wars mindmap and a Lord of the Rings mindmap, but you can never connect Frodo and Luke Skywalker as the heroes of each story. Human thought is messy and unorganized, and ScatterNote allows you the freedom to connect your ideas however you see fit.

Is it an ai?

ScatterNote uses a handful of different AI technologies, from decades-old algorithms to the cutting edge of AI tools. For example, ScatterNote uses a series of simple overlapping flocking algorithms as the self-organizing spatial AI for your notes. It also allows you to use the AI technology built into your mobile device, such as speech-to-text for entering notes. Once you’ve entered your thoughts into ScatterNote, it can use a GPT transformer on the bloody edge of AI development to generate text for your newsletter, blog, or novel.


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